Reaching Gen Z through the mail

It is often thought that direct mail is most effective for reaching older demographics. However, a new report reveals that, in fact, when it comes to digital natives, the power of paper cuts through the online noise.  

Keystone Intelligence surveyed four generational groups (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers) and it was Gen Z that has the greatest percentage of respondents (45 per cent) stating that they read and reviewed ALL their direct mail before recycling it.  

The Using Print to Reach Younger Customers report shows that to Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012), direct mail is a visceral, tangible punch that electronic communications simply can’t match. Boomers grew up with the post, they sang songs such as the Marvelettes “Please Mr Postman” and were familiar with the idea of a “Dear John” letter, but Gen Z live in a world where the post person doesn’t always ring twice but instead t might send an e-mail or a text! As a result, receiving direct mail is a novelty for this age group. But the report warns that engagement is just half the battle.  

They care about the environment. Sustainability is key. Mailers that display the carbon neutral insignia are very favourably received. Morality and the compassion behind the communication are also important to this group. Gen Z see direct mail as almost ceremonial -an exchange with a friendly and welcoming company reaching out to them as an individual. Data management is consequently critical. Gen Z understands privacy and they know about the value of their personal information. They are also not afraid to call out publicly, via social media, organisations that they perceive to have crossed lines – for instance sending direct mail to people that have passed away.  

For organisations wanting to engage with this hard to reach yet valuable audience this report reveals the benefits that direct mail offers and showcases how being transparent and empathetic can pay dividends through the post.  

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