Jet skiiing pandas and cutesy kittens - the magic of mail!

Marketreach, Royal Mail’s dedicated agency which helps brands use mail effectively, has just released a new campaign to promote the brilliance of the channel.

The eye-catching new video featuring a jet skiing panda, a cutesy kitten, flamboyant hairdos and even a giant lollypop, highlights the benefits of mail and can be watched here:

Over the course of the pandemic direct mail has experienced something of a resurgence. In an increasingly online world, it hasn’t just survived – it’s thrived. Digital fatigue and privacy concerns are issues that aren’t going anywhere, and here the very physicality of mail has proven to be its greatest advantage to marketers.

Consumer trust in mail has skyrocketed and the most recent figures show that this has resulted in reach. A record 96 per cent of all mail was engaged with during lockdown, an enviable statistic unmatched by any other channel.

As the campaign shows mail is engaging and effective. It’s single-mindedly commercial and yet it can tell complex stories which is why increasingly mail is being added to the promotional mix.

Moreover, with ad spend going into recovery - the latest report from WARC reveals that estimated growth for this year is 18 per cent, an upward revision from the 15% rise forecast back in April – indications are positive for the channel. However, to ensure that mail continues to deliver, the key is targeting. It is critical that advertisers maintain their databases by removing people that have passed away and identify people that have moved house, as well as ensuring that multiple records for the same person are rationalised so that they don’t receive the same mailing two, three or even four times!

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