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Frequently Asked Questions:

GDPR only applies to information which relates to an identifiable living individual. Information relating to a deceased person does not constitute personal data and therefore is not subject to the GDPR.

Our verified deceased data is provided from 4 main sources:
- Governmental information (Probate)
- Funeral Data
- Insurance Data
- Registration Forms

All our data is fully verified and copies of either Probate or a Death Certificate are available should a query arise.

Both the Halo and Mortascreen records date back to 1980.

The HALO file enables the Sub-Licensee (by way of a Search or Searches) to identify deceased records for credit screening, customer verification or fraud prevention reasons only for its own business purposes. Halo cannot be used debt collection services. For more information on Halo Fraud Prevention please visit the website here.

The Mortascreen file is structured to enable the Sub-Licensee to generate any Flagged List or Suppressed Marketing List only for its own customers’ direct marketing purposes.

The Mortascreen file must not be used for any other purpose such as credit screening, fraud prevention or customer verification.

This varies between suppliers as follows:
Registrations   0 – 2 weeks
Financial Data   0 – 2 weeks
Funeral Data   0 – 2 weeks
Probate Data   6 -12 weeks

Data is updated daily and output in .csv format via our SFTP site on a weekly or monthly basis to suit individual requirements.

All queries can be sent FAO Tracey McNulty, tracey.mcnulty@wilmingtonplc.com We aim to answer all queries within 24 hours.

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