Why now has never been a better time to test Direct Mail

Direct mail has long been recognised for its ability to engage customers more tangibly and cost effectively than other media with the proviso that it was relevant and well targeted. And as the Covid crisis unfolds the strengths of mail are proving extremely compelling to organisations looking to communicate with their audiences. Perhaps the most pertinent example of this was the Prime Minster, Boris Johnson writing to every household in the UK. And subsequently the plethora of brands using the medium to continue to stay in touch with customers.

As we move into a new phase, hopefully one of recovery, Royal Mail has launched a new initiative designed to support the sectors that have been hardest hit by lockdown.

The incentive programme which sees postage costs drop to just 12p per item in some cases gives organisations postal credits which can be redeemed against future campaigns.

To qualify for the scheme Royal Mail has set a minimum of 20,000 items and credits are capped at 1 million mailers. Campaigns must hit doormats between 20th May and 31st of December this year.  Credits are redeemable for 12 months after the eligible campaign has been mailed.