Why DM volumes are set to increase in 2017

Shocking new research from Neilson reveals that half of online ads don’t reach their intended recipients. Obviously that means that one in two ads are served to someone that doesn’t fit the profile. In our minds that is the definition of a scattergun approach! Only last week there was another incidence of a minor receiving an ad for an adult-themed product. If the same approach was taken by direct mailers the medium would likely be completely outlawed. Already direct mail is labelled the scourge of society by politicians and The Daily Mail, but seemingly this is a title more deserved by online ads.

In fact our most recent benchmarking study proved that over the past two years direct mail targeting has improved significantly with the number of mailshots being thrown away unopened  reducing by 500 million. This is due to better targeting and more responsible data hygiene practices such as screening against deceased individuals to remove them from the database. Direct mail remains one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to reach audiences, including those deemed hard to reach. Consequently, it is unsurprising that direct mail volumes are set to increase again in 2017