Why charities need clean mailing lists now more than ever before

Another week, another knock for the third sector. To add to charity fundraisers’ woes now the ICO has ruled that charities must screen their telemarketing data against the TPS and CTPS before making any calls. They are not allowed to phone anyone on these lists, even if they are an existing donor and have a previous relationship with the charity. This ruling comes in the wake of the scandal that has rumbled on over the summer surrounding fundraising to vulnerable people, sparked by the tragic death of charity supporter Olive Cooke.

Unsurprisingly fundraisers are seriously concerned about the impact this will have on donation levels. The telephone, when used well and responsibly, can be an extremely valuable direct marketing technique and boosts coffers significantly. Instead charity marketers are going to need to turn to other less intrusive techniques to make the shortfall.

Direct mail would be the obvious choice to target existing donors on the TPS as it is proven to generate additional donations from existing supporters and recruit new donors. However, the double whammy of HMRC’s new tax treatment which came into force at the beginning of the month means that direct mail is now more expensive for charities. This additional cost means that now more than ever charities need a clean dataset. Mistargeting by mailing the deceased or people that have moved house could have irrevocable consequences: 

Mistargeting could lead to complaints leading to further dictates reducing the marketing base even more 

The brand damage associated with mistargeting is proven to reduce donations 

And finally the obvious – the amount of money wasted by sending mailings to people that don’t receive them 

For help on how to clean up your data give us a ring on 01274 538888. We have a whole host of data hygiene hints and tips, but can also provide you with marketing leading suppression tools to remove deceased and goneways from your mailing lists.