We're so appy! And you can be too

As you may already have read in the news and on Twitter, this week we've launched the first ever suppression app on Salesforce's hugely successful AppExchange. We're very excited as we think it could change the face of the suppression market making it quick, cost effective and easy to screen data for people that have passed away. 

Suppressing deceased individuals is proven to save organisations thousands of pounds a year. The savings are twofold:

1. Wasted mailing costs of sending mail packs to people that have passed away

2. Lost potential sales from the friends and family of the deceased who will blacklist your organisation as a result of the mailing

The app is currently in its beta phase and we're looking for a clutch of organisations to trial it for us free of charge.

To apply you simply have to meet the criteria of storing your consumer data on Salesforce and then give us a ring on 01274 538888. It couldn't be easier!