Tick tock - Are you ready for GDPR?

With exactly one year to go until the dreaded GDPR comes into force. We review just a fraction of the research that has hit the headlines in the past few days:

ICO fines set to soar by 4500% warns Alchemetrics


84% of SMEs have not heard of GDPR


75% of organisations will struggle to meet GDPR regulations


GDPR compliance not a priority for 2 out 5 businesses


More than half of business owners unaware of GDPR


GDPR misunderstood by HR


UK is less prepared that Europe


Locating customer data will be half the battle for GDPR compliance


Majority of firms unprepared for GDPR


 It makes for depressing reading! However, to look on the bright side there are still 365 days to get ready and the ICO has relaunched its 12 step plan to help prepare for GDPR, as well as an updated data protection toolkit for SMEs, both of which can be downloaded from the ICO’s website.

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