Mindful mailing


A new report by the ICO reveals that data protection complaints have doubled over the past 12 months. In 2017/8 the Commissioner was contacted by 21,019 consumers concerned about the ways in which organisations were handling their personal information. By 2018/19 this has risen to 41,661 instances. Clearly GDPR has had a significant impact on consumer knowledge of their rights when it comes to their data and they are exercising those rights. 


A few months ago Decision Marketing published our article on why this phenomenon is no bad thing for the direct marketing industry and we stand by that viewpoint. Ultimately the reason that the new legislation was introduced was to  give consumers increased control over their personal information and ensure that organisations are more responsible when it comes to their customer data. And the good news is that this is working. We have certainly noticed a difference when it comes to the marketing we have received. The number of direct emails arriving in our inbox has dropped and the quality of the direct mail pieces landing on our doormats is increasing. The targeting is much tighter. When it comes to direct mail our recent research study revealed that consumer perception of the medium has risen dramatically as a result of GDPR. The rise of what we are coining 'mindful mailing' where each and every recipient of a DM pack is both opted in and specifically targeted based on their customer profile means that the industry is on track to finally shed its 'junk mail label.' We love well targeted campaigns and this week a friend of a friend received a handwritten birthday card from the team at DMART. They were so pleased to have received the card they went on to treat themselves to some new undies despite there being absolutely no call to action. The moral of the story is: marketing doesn't feel like marketing when it is genuine and relevant. Lets all keep up the good work!