Marketers Get 'SMARTLINK' To 23 Million Forwarding Address Database

Following the successful launch of 'Smartdepart', data and targeting specialist, Wilmington Millennium, has now launched 'Smartlink', a brand new database that gives direct marketing firms access to the new addresses for 'gone away' customers, helping organisations reduce the estimated £150 million spent mailing old addresses each year.

As with Smartdepart, Smartlink has been created following a collaboration between consumer data specialist, Tracesmart, and deceased suppression expert, Mortascreen.

Drawing on Tracesmart’s heritage and expertise in tracing consumers, Smartlink is a forwarding address database that comprises of 23 million up-to-date records, helping organisations to source their customers’ new addresses, and helping them to retain business which would previously have been lost.

Mike Trezise, Managing Director, Tracesmart, states:

"It’s commonly known that retaining an existing customer, or winning back one who has lapsed, is more cost-effective than recruiting a new one. Marketers have known this for some time and therefore place great value in databases that allow them to reconnect with customers who have moved. Smartlink will be a breath of fresh air to those professionals who have been using the traditional bureaux databases, as it calls upon our unique address linking database and will provide links that other files will miss."


Karen Pritchard, Wilmington Millennium’s Product Director states:

"The overwhelming response to the launch of Smartdepart has proven that there is a real need within the industry for a verified, more robust gone away file. Progressing our partnership with Tracesmart, we’re now delighted to bring to market Smartlink. This unique database completes the portfolio by providing over 23m forwarding addresses, thus reuniting businesses with customers they may otherwise have lost. As impressive in quality as it is competitive in price, we’re confident that Smartlink will be well received by those seeking a more intuitive way to manage data"

Marketed through Wilmington Millennium, the marketing company behind Halo and Mortascreen, Smartlink can be purchased individually or as part of a data intelligence bundle alongside Mortascreen.

For further information please contact
Karen Pritchard
Product Development Director
Wilmington Millennium
01274 538828