New research by DQM and Royal Mail out this month reveals that marketers don’t think that moving home or a death in the family are important life events for marketing. On a scale of 1-5 (1 not important and 5 very important) they received 2.6 and 2 respectively. A change of email address, however, ranked the highest at 3.7.


This seems crazy – surely they are the most important life events that marketers need to know about.



Because they are proven to be the two most stressful events we face in our lives and with stress comes behaviour change. Behaviour change can have a significant impact on our purchasing habits and brand choice. Consequently, brands need to know if a person within their database moves house or suffers a bereavement in order to protect their place in their customer’s brand stable or indeed convert them into a customer.


Knowing that a customer has changed email address is important, but only on an operational level. A change of email address is not a motivational trigger that can build brand equity and convert sales. The death of a loved one and moving house, however are considerably emotive and a brand that responds sensitively – even if that is merely removing the deceased person from their mailing lists – will reap the rewards.