Ignorantia juris non excusa

This week the ICO has announced plans to crack down on unscrupulous use of data. It is going on a mystery shopping exercise to sign up to websites, newsletters, email and direct mail call to actions in order to review privacy policies and then see if they become the victim of nuisance and unsolicited calls, mail and digital marketing.


The data industry has been painted as the bad guy. The TPS recently claimed that many brands are unwittingly targeting customers illegally because they are unaware that the data they buy is not within the confines of the law. Well, when last we checked ignorantia juris non excusa – ignorance is no form of defence. Under the Data Protection Act organisations have to comply with a number of important principles which include the sourcing and subsequent care of personal data.


That said we welcome initiatives that weed out the cowboy operators, although these are the exception not rule. And moving forwards, the data industry and their customers need to work together to ensure that consumers’ data is being treated with respect and to the letter of the law.


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