How to buy a suppression file

At Millennium Data we (obviously) like to think that everyone in the market for a suppression file would naturally want to buy one from us (because our files are top notch, and we’re nice people!) Be that as it may, we thought we’d offer the other suppression providers a fighting chance by providing a handy ‘hints and tips’ guide for buying suppression.

Size doesn’t always count! Remember its not how many records a file has, but the quality of those records that really matter

Recency – historical records dating back to the year dot can be useful in certain cases, however, it’s the up-to-date data you should care most about. Think how raw it would be for someone receiving a direct mailing in the name of a newly deceased relative. Find out how often the file is updated and the passage of time between death and appearing in the file 

Provenance – like with chefs sourcing the food for their menus, make yourself aware of how the data is being compiled, checked and verified. Sometimes this means asking awkward questions. Don’t be afraid to dig deep, after all its your brand that’s on the line! Data quality is key

If you can’t face the thought of managing your data hygiene in-house, consider outsourcing to one of the many fully accredited data bureau who will ensure your data is well looked after