Hear! Hear! A big cheer for DM

Over the last few months the direct mail industry has had little to be cheerful about given the efforts of the popular press to yet again vilify the medium.

However, despite this it seems DM has once again weathered the storm. Unlike other print based marketing channels, new figures from Advertising Association and Warc reveal that spend in the UK on direct mail is predicted to reach £2bn next year – meaning it is the third biggest channel behind digital and TV. In contrast newspaper advertising is predicted to drop even more sharply than in recent times (just desserts, perhaps?!)

And another good news story around DM was the heart warming actions of a Utah postal carrier who met a boy on his round. The child begged him for more direct mail to read because he couldn’t afford the bus fare to the library. The post man started a campaign on Facebook to ask for books to be donated and in response the boy has received in excess of 500 books from around the world. A case of direct mail forging a relationship between two people!

All too often we hear about the bad or sad things; sometimes it's good to have a bit of optimism – hence why this week we’re giving a cheer to direct mail – a channel that remains buoyant despite the odds!