Have your say in Royal Mail’s drive to full barcoding

Royal Mail is requesting input from customers and supply chain partners on plans to introduce Mailmark barcoding for every letter and large letter posted through Network Access and Retail Bulk. The research is set to take place during June and July and a further formal consultation is scheduled for later in the year once the initial feedback has been collected and analysed.  It is hoped that through discussion and collaboration with the industry, Royal Mail will gain a comprehensive understanding of how it may be able to expand the use of barcoding in a way that meets the needs of the supply chain and posting brands.

Currently, not every letter is uniquely identified with a barcode meaning that Royal Mail does not have full visibility of volumes and attributes for every mail item in its network at any specified time. The introduction of the Mailmark service in 2014 and its subsequent adoption by many customers means that around 85 per cent of bulk letters now have a barcode, but Royal Mail wishes to introduce barcoding for the remaining 15 per cent.

The proposal – dubbed Manual Mailmark - would apply to Access 1400 and Access 70 letters and large letters and Retail High Sort letters and large letters.

Manual Mailmark proposes the implementation of a barcode on every item of mail, including those mail items that don’t meet Royal Mail’s machinable specification. The adoption of Mailmark barcodes will simplify the Royal Mail product suite and future product development. Increased automation (supplemented with automated sampling/ hand scanning) will provide enhanced data provision and insights for customers, supply chain partners and for Royal Mail.

The biggest benefit for customers is expected to be management of information and the opportunity this will create to help customers move mail from more expensive manual products into the lowest priced full Mailmark products.

Royal Mail wishes customers to answer a series of five questions which can be found here: presentation. Customers can email responses to mike.griffen@royalmail.com, speak to their account manager or a combination of both.