Good news for direct mail as channel consumer engagement soars during lockdown

It was reported this week that consumer engagement with mail media has never been higher.  

The new study by JICMAIL found that the average piece of direct mail was interacted with 4.58 times in Q2 2020. Door drops also saw record levels of consumer engagement, with the average piece interacted with 3.19 times, equating to a 15 per cent growth year-on-year. 

As crucial covid-related messages were delivered by the government and the NHS, the importance of mail in keeping consumers informed during the pandemic saw direct mail and door drops rack-up record life spans, with the average DM piece ‘live in the home’ for 8.5 days on average, and door drops 6.9 days. 

Government door drop levels of interaction increased 45 per cent year on year to 4.21; while lifespan increased a staggering 68 per cent to 9.5 days - even topping the government’s own direct mail average of 8.5 days. 

This effectively means that, with 27.8 million households mailed by the Prime Minister in April, over 117 million ad impressions were generated over a critical month in the crisis, pointing towards the strength of the mail channel in driving home trusted advertiser messages in UK households. 

In a time of heightened health sensitivity, addressed mail meanwhile saw the largest metric improvements in the medical sector, which includes medical, NHS, Private Medical, Dental, Optician and Pharmacy, with frequency of interaction increasing by 11 per cent to 5.02. 

Crucially, respondents were also more likely to pass health-related DM on to other household members, with item reach increasing 9 per cent to 1.23. 

The research also found that telco focused DM average frequency increased by 21 per cent as households turned to more entertainment. Travel and tourism mailings increased by 23 per cent reflecting the disruption to holiday plans, and utility providers saw a 14 per cent rise in frequency. 

Whilst these figures are incredibly encouraging what must be remembered is that the success of the channel goes hand in glove with relevance. It is critical that organisations exercise restraint and use mail media only to communicate with customers and prospects that would be genuinely interested in the offer or message. As soon as relevance is disregarded the mail become labelled as junk and its effectiveness plummets. Targeting and data hygiene is critical such as removing deceased customers from the database so that the mailing does not cause distress to the bereaved. This is not only best practice but is also a requirement under GDPR section 5a.  

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