GDPR is for life, not just for Christmas

It’s finally here – GDPR week! We felt that we couldn’t let it pass without a mention.

After all the speculation we are going to find out how it will in reality impact the direct marketing industry and how tight a rein the ICO is going to hold.

 Whilst our role in the new regulation is only a small part of the directive, it is still an absolutely fundamental one. Data hygiene has long been viewed as the grunt end of direct marketing - the hugely unglamorous cousin to the wildly stylish creative team. And given that the creative direct marketing teams have traditionally played second fiddle to those at above-the-line (or now integrated) agencies, we really are at the bottom of the pecking order.  But when it boils down to it if the data isn’t clean ROI is reduced and consumers are unhappy. Article 5 of GDPR seeks to address this. For instance, Article 5 (c) requires that data is adequate and relevant. Article 5 (d) requires that data is accurate and kept up to date and states that ‘every reasonable step must be taken’ to meet that requirement and 5 (e) states that personal data should be kept for no longer than is necessary. GDPR clearly requires that processes such as deceased suppression are put into place to ensure that data is correct and that records are up to date.

 For us, the key is in the understanding that GDPR is not just for Christmas, or indeed the 25th May, it is here to stay. This means little and often. Just because your data is clean and fresh when the directive comes into force, doesn’t mean that three months later it still will be. After all data decays at an astonishing rate, not least because 1,500 people in the UK pass away each day.  Ongoing compliance is critical and therefore reviewing your hygiene products and processes to ensure that you have the best solutions in place will be essential.


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