DM bucks perceptions

Recent research by our sister company, QuickPages revealed that when it comes to car insurance traditional media such as direct mail and the telephone are still extremely powerful and relevant despite the industry’s perception that customers flock to the internet.

The research showed that the most effective method of prompting consumers to buy is via the mail. 68 per cent of drivers would consider their insurance if reminded by a direct mailer, compared with just 50 per cent by email and 12 per cent as a result of TV advertising.  This also includes younger drivers who favour traditional post to email notification. Only three per cent of people would be motivated to renew if contacted via social media.

Likewise a new study out by Royal Mail found that direct mail is also valued by young people. Yet the majority of brands use online channels to communicate with them believing, mistakenly, that this is their preferred form of media.

Direct mail remains one of the most cost efficient and effective ways to reach consumers. However, due to its very personal nature it is also extremely easy to offend. Consequently it is crucial to ensure that the targeting is spot on. Get it wrong and risk alienating a large proportion of your customers. Data is at the heart of this and maintaining it the key.