DM as easy as ABC

When it comes to arguing for budget, accountability has always been a sore point for direct marketers. This is because direct mail is the only mass-media channel that does not have an official measurement standard. Magazines and newspapers have ABC and NRS, TV has BARB, radio has RAJAR and the internet has UKOM. Love them or hate them (and there are scores of arguments against) these industry figures dictate exactly how advertising spend gets spent. So it’s about time DM joined the fray too.

Royal Mail, Whistl, the DMA, IPA and ISBA are joining forces to launch a new Joint Industry Committee (JIC) scheme which will measure the daily readership and usage of direct mail, similar to the programme for magazine and newspaper readership.

A pilot programme, which has been running for a year has provided some positive results including proving that 75 per cent of the UK’s advertising mail is opened  and read and that mail is passed on re-read an average of seven times.

It is hoped that by being able to audit the delivery and readership of advertising mail and bringing it up to par with competing media, will mean how it is sold will become easier and boost the channel exponetially in the long term.  We welcome any initiative that sees the industry pulling together for the good of the medium and look forward to seeing how direct mail measures up.