Direct Mail Plays Crucial role in Covid recovery

JICMAIL’s latest results for Q2 2021 reveal the critical role that direct mail has played in encouraging consumers back in store following the lifting of Covid restrictions.

Despite continued challenges on the high street, direct mail was found to drive consumers back to the shops, with the 1.4% of all mail having a footfall effect representing a year on year growth in effectiveness of +71%. Vouchers played their part in prompting consumers to retail visit stores with 2.1% of all mail prompting a voucher redemption (+28% year on year).

In general confidence in the mail ad market continued to rebound, with Direct Mail volumes on the JICMAIL panel increasing by +51% year on year, and Door Drops by +181%. Local elections played their part in driving political party DM and Door Drop volumes, as did continued Covid related messaging from the NHS. The travel and mail order / online retail sectors were also found to play a key role in market recovery.

While mail played a significant role in driving physical store traffic, it also continued to establish its role in driving digital effects for advertisers. Mail’s effectiveness at driving consumer traffic to advertiser websites was sustained at a level nearly six times greater than its footfall effects, establishing a new normal in the role that mail plays in the digital customer journey.

The average piece of DM was interacted with 4.4 times on average in Q2, and shared with 1.14 people per household – boosting mail campaign reach by 14% and generating ad impressions over four times greater than the mail volumes delivered. Door Drops recorded an average frequency of 2.99 and Item Reach of 1.06.

In addition, with the mail market displaying an ever increasing demand for robust advertising insight, JICMAIL has released a suite of new competitive insight tools to help advertisers measure their visibility on the door mat vs competitors; understand their mail performance vs other industry leaders; and draw out key insights into which consumer segments different brands are targeting with mail. This new initiative will help the industry demonstrate the effectiveness of direct mail.