Call for the direct marketing industry to unite

Direct Marketing magazine Decision Marketing is launching a campaign to reinvigorate the much maligned TPS. Sadly nuisance calls remain the blight of many UK consumers, with some people receiving as many as five calls per day despite being registered with TPS.

The issue is that rogue firms ignore TPS and consequently those registered will still receive the PPI, solar panel, car crash calls that they just don't want. It must be remembered that the majority of UK based organisations adhere to the rules and will not call those that are registered. Ironically, however, it is calls from popular service providers like John Lewis etc that people wouldn’t mind receiving!

Telemarketing, like all direct marketing, remains an incredibly powerful channel. Talking to someone is proven to both build loyalty and generate immediate sales and it is therefore understandable why telemarketers want to continue using the telephone as a marketing tool.

The reputation of telemarketing impacts the rest of the direct marketing industry. We all get tarred by the same brush, this is why this campaign from Decision Marketing is so important. We urge everyone in the industry to pledge their support. To join the campaign or provide any views email: