Belle Weather for DM

2015 is shaping up to be a bumper year for direct marketers. 

The Bellwether Report, now in its fifteen year, records the sharpest rise for DM in the past few years. The medium has experienced a 5.7% increase over the last quarter with 11.8 percent of marketers reporting an increase in direct budgets. 

This is fantastic news for an industry that has had more knocks than most during the recession coupled with a hostile legislative landscape from landfill quotas through to privacy restrictions. 

For those of us at the coal face, however, this rise should come as no surprise. Direct mail is the most effective marketing channel,  particularly when combined with a dash of creativity and a dose of analytics. With the reduction of personal post falling through the nation's letterboxes consumers are genuinely excited to receive advertising mail - so long as it's done well. Let's face it no one really wants to receive a bland and boring 'dear customer' letter from a utility company, but a personally addressed magazine stuffed full of hints and tips on how to reduce energy consumption would be more welcome.

The growth of the budgets will continue, but only the brands using direct (and their agencies) can make the channel even more effective by honestly asking themselves what would they like to receive through their letterbox.